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Enjoy the exclusive privacy, peace and comfort at only 20 km of Baracoa town. Located in the front line of a white sands virgin beach.

Rooms: 83.

Restaurants and bars: 1 Restaurant and 1 Snack-bar.

Consejo Popular Mata-Guandao, Baracoa, Guantánamo

Boca de Yumurí

Boca de Yumurí will surprise you for the beauty of the environment which surround the green spot. The beautiful area of Yumurí captivates everyone who visits it, inviting to make a short trip towards the little Almendras Island, between the canyon of the Yumuri Rivers. The Yumurí Canyon occupies an extension of 8,7 square kilometers of forests and is characterized by fresh and transparent waters. This place is a true paradise for the flora and the fauna, among which stand out the existence of more than 60 types of birds. Considered the speleology eden, it is a place taken good care of by scientists and inhabitants.

Calle Antonio Maceo No. 152, Baracoa

Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción

The Cathedral "Nuestra Señora de la Asunción", arises at the beginning of the XVI century in the village of Baracoa. At that time this church was known with the name of La Iglesia Parroquial de la Villa de Baracoa. The church is best known for preserving the Cruz de la Parra that Columbus supposedly used when he came ashore in 1492 to claim Cuba for Spain and Christianity. Indeed, carbon dating has confirmed that the cross was fashioned in the late 1400s and is old enough to have been brought by the explorer. It can be stated with certainty that this is one of oldest crosses (perhaps the oldest) in the New World. 

Baracoa, Guantánamo

Maguana Beach

The Maguana Beach, located around 20 kilometers North from Baracoa, is the perfect sample of a tropical beach. This delightful beach is characterized not just by its reluctant white sand of its shore, but for being surrounded by palm trees and counts with quiet turquoise waters, result of the protection brought by the beautiful coral reef located very close to the coast. It is a very popular beach among the natives and the visitors. At the beach are some low scale facilities for visitors, including restaurant services and tourist villas that can be rented.


The Paradise Cave Archaeological Museum

Around Baracoa are several dozen pre-Columbian archaeological sites related to the two major indigenous groups that once inhabited the region. It is a marvellous facility for lovers of history and archaeology, situated in a colonial ambiance on the second terrace of Seboruco, known as Paradise Heights. The area in which it is located is rich in remains of our first population. The Paradise Cave Archaeological Museum contains a copy of the Taíno tobacco idol found nearby in 1903 (the original is in Havana).

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