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This pleasant hotel is located at the entrance of the bay, just over 4 miles (7 kilometers) from the heart of the city, in an untamed landscape of impressive beauty.

From the hill, you get a great view of the Caribbean Sea, which invites you to explore its fascinating attractions. Shows at the San Pedro del Mar (St. Peter of the Sea) Cabaret are just one of the many recreational options offered in this area.

Castillo San Pedro de la Roca, El Morro. Santiago de Cuba

Castillo del Morro

The Spanish fortress known as El Morro, south of Santiago, was constructed between 1638 and 1700 and was designed by Giovanni Antonelli, the Italian architect and engineer responsible for fortresses bearing the same name in both Havana and San Juan, Puerto Rico. El Morro was built to ward off pirates (and rebuilt after a 1662 attack by the English pirate Henry Morgan). Today, its solid walls house the Museum of Piracy, its rooms also reflects the main events connected with the naval battle of Santiago de Cuba, episode of the Spanish-Cuban-American in 1898 and photographs related to the events of Maine , the Spanish and U.S. military leaders, Admiral Pascual Cervera and Vice Admiral Sampson and planes and coastal defenses and batteries of El Morro. There are wonderful views from interior rooms, which have wooden floors and stone walls, as well as from various terraces.

Carretera Siboney Km. 131/2, Santiago de Cuba

Granjita Siboney Museum

The Granjita Siboney Museum is located in the road to Playa Siboney Beach, in the province of Santiago de Cuba. It is the former encampment from where the youngsters that took the Moncada Headquarters, the second military fortress in the city of Santiago de Cuba, on July 26th 1953 left. In the 7 exhibition rooms of this museum you’ll also discover the historic house, the previous preparations to the famous assault, the development and the consequences it had for Cuba. It exhibits valuable documents and personal objects of some of the intrepid young rebels. Among its most valued objects are the semiautomatic M-1 with folded butt used by the revolutionaries during the assault, sports rifle, uniforms, documents, photographs.

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