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About  Casona de Moron

The Hostal La Casona is key here. Honoring its name is a large independent house with red-tiled roofs, supported by a set of ornate pillars and surrounded by terrace and gardens; Found all the set protected by attractive wrought iron doors.

The small and intimate hotel offers not only lodging, but a home for nature lovers, fishermen, curious travellers and adventurers who wish to escape from the traditional tourist routes.

La Casona is located within the urban area of the city of Morón, from here you can visit the swamp, organize fishing excursions, boat trips (or kayak) and discover its beautiful mangrove ecosystem.

At the return of its rosé adventures and a little heated, La Casona offers the freshness of its restaurant, the enjoyment of a refreshing drink in its bar and if you prefer the comfort of relaxing in one of its seven rooms. So at sunrise the next day, after your breakfast, you can enjoy a pleasant walk to Cayo Coco or Cayo Guillermo.

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