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If you are travelling on a budget & want to stay in a place where you can drift off & wake to awe-inspiring views, you should try hotel Horizontes Los Jazmines.

Los Jazmines is located in an enviable position looking out over the stunning Vinales valley, with picturesque peaks you’ll see alternately bathed in sun, moon & mist – making this hotel a must for photography enthusiasts.

Horizontes Los Jazmines is a budget hotel whose charm goes beyond its fabulous views, with some of the friendliest staff you are likely to meet in Cuba. You will find all you need for a relaxing break on site, including an attractive mahogany-fitted bar, souvenir shop & spa where you can unwind with a massage. Los Jazmines has a large, well-maintained pool with amazing views over the valley, while local attractions such as the limestone caves, Vinales tour & tobacco farms can also be booked through the hotel.

The restaurant & snack bar serve decent quality food, particularly at breakfast, while there are also a number of excellent paladars nearby so you should eat well whatever you choose. On the top floor of the hotel, the restaurant has vintage stained glass windows as well as an amazing backdrop.

Los Jazmines hotel is tired in some places & would benefit from refurbishment. However, you will find a warm welcome, excellent service & the most unique, breathtaking views; all at a budget price. And if you bring a camera you won’t be disappointed.

Camino a San Vicente, Valle de Viñales, Pinar del Río

Cueva del Indio (Cave of the Indian)

Cave of the Indian is crossed by the San Juan River (navigable). Visitors enter the cave through a narrow opening and follow a well-beaten, dimly lighted stone trail for 255 meters (842 feet), narrowing and widening until you reach a high-ceilinged grotto and an underground river. You board a boat here for a short cruise (300 meters [990 feet]) past illuminated stalagmites. The boat takes you out of the cave through a narrow, vine-draped opening in the rock. 

Km 32 en la autopista. 241, hacia San Vicente, Valle de Viñales, Pinar del Río

Palenque de los Cimarrones

The dimly lighted, rough 140-meter (462-foot) tunnel piercing this mogote opens onto an eerily quiet open space ringed by high limestone rocks. There's a rather shabby replica of a Cimarron campsite with life-size figures of escaped slaves. Afro Cuban Thematic restaurant, which is a series of interconnected ranchos, each decorated and representing a different orishá, or Afro-Cuban deity. It has a huge brick oven to roast chicken and pork. The restaurant is only open for lunch, but the bar and snack bar located in the cave at the joint's entrance are open 24 hours. This spot also serves as a popular disco on most nights.

Calle Salvador Cisneros, Viñales, Pinar del Río

Municipal Museum Adela Azcuy

This museum has an eclectic collection of odd objects and photographs that focus on local history, including antique farm tools. You'll see some stirrups, weapons, weights, locks and keys, and branding irons from Spanish colonial times, as well as personal objects that belonged to Captain Adela Azcuy, a top-ranked woman warrior who fought for Cuba's independence in the 19th century.

Extremo norte de la calle Salvador Cisneros, Valle de Viñales, Pinar del Río

Jardín Botanico de las Hermanas Caridad y Carmen Miranda

This slightly oddball, 100-year-old garden surrounds a farmhouse on the northern edge of town. It was started by a man, whose daughters both lived here into their nineties and created an idiosyncratic world for themselves. Billows of bougainvillea blossoms, flowering shrubs, and fruit trees are populated by dolls and toys, mostly threadbare now and even a little macabre in places. It's not terribly tidy but it is interesting, with chickens clucking around and gardeners at work. After a stroll through the shady garden, you can sit on wicker chairs and sample some fruits. The house is full of antique furniture and photos, which a grand-niece of the sisters will happily show you. 

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