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Just minutes away from the city of Pinar del Río, is a comfortable hotel, located in the land of mogotes, those hills with rounded or flat tops and vertical slopes.

From Hotel Pinar del Rio you can visit the UNESCO World Landscape Heritage Site of Viñales Valley; the tobacco plantations or vegas of Vueltabajo, where farmers grow the world’s best tobacco and the Sierra de los Órganos mountain range, internationally known for its landscapes, flora, fauna and for one of the largest cave systems in Cuba and the Antilles. If you wish to you can visit Cayo Levisa key, on the province’s north coast or the International Scuba Diving Center at María La Gorda, on the Guanahacabibes Peninsula.

Other services include a buffet and a specialized restaurant, cafeteria, bar, grill bar, party room, swimming pool, game room, massage, mail service, shop, central safe, parking and car rental.

Calle Marté Este 202, Pinar del Río

Museum of Natural Science

Installed in a fantastical Moorish palace, dripping with carved stone griffins, this museum is even more fascinating for its outlandish architecture and quaint, old-fashioned displays than for its hodgepodge, natural history collection. The delightful surprise here is the interior garden where, amid Art Nouveau painted floor tiles, intricately carved wooden doors and tropical plants, a giant concrete model of a demonically grinning tyrannosaurus Rex reigns. The exhibits include dusty dioramas of desiccated stuffed specimens, from antelope to zebra, plus an array of mounted animal heads on the walls. There's a room dedicated to butterfly and moth collections, and a shell collection is displayed in showcases held up by carved seahorses.

Martí No. 160, e / Isabel Rubio y Colón, Pinar del Río

José Jacinto Milanés Theater

The José Jacinto Milanés Theater, or just the Milanés Theater, was built in 1883 and this is one of the most attractive theaters in Cuba, considered as one of the main symbols of the city of Pinar del Río. It is a beautiful wooden theater with 540 seats dating from 1845, being one of the oldest ones in Latin America, and it counts with a recognized acoustic. It was renewed in 2006 and its colorful insides are also worth a look.

Calle Antonio Maceo 157, Pinar del Río

Francisco Donatien Cigar Factory

The Francisco Donatien Cigar Factory offers a more intimate visit than some of the major Havana cigar factories. Nowadays, the authentic cigars are made, through manual procedures with some centuries of tradition. In a long, high-ceilinged hall, mostly young men—sporting trendy, shaved hair-dos—sit at old-fashioned, wooden tables, carefully destemming aged tobacco leaves, which look like thin strips of leather, then slowly rolling layers of different tobacco. You can watch a Montecristo in the making, as a guide explains the process. This factory is one of the emblematic buildings of the XIX century's architecture in Pinar del Río. In the entrance of this building, there is a shop in which the visitor may buy a great variety of cigar bands of the most known brands.

Casa Garay, Calle Isabel Rubio 189, Pinar del Río

Guayabita del Pinar Rum Factory

On a narrow side street south of the city center, this small distillery occupies a former rum factory. This factory produce a very popular local beverage, the Guayabita del Pinar, which has received several awards in Cuba and abroad in some of the most important. Just about every process is done by hand, from pouring the tiny guayabita berries into huge, wooden fermenting barrels, to bottle washing, to tapping corks into the bottles, to affixing the old-fashioned labels. Visitors can taste the finished product in the shop.

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