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House located in Trinidad (province of Sancti Spíritus), 2 floors, which rents 5 air-conditioned rooms with private bathrooms, cold and hot water. The rooms are fully equipped with bedding, towels, have 5 personal beds and 5 double beds, TV and all amenities. The house has an eclectic style with kitchen, living room, dining room and another dining room for guests, a terrace-gazebo and a private terrace, balcony with a panoramic view of the main monuments of the city, beautiful landscapes and the sea, decorated lobby with beautiful colonial-style windows (this is the area that customers use only for them), all very comfortable for the enjoyment of the guest.

It is located near restaurants: Sol Ananda, Sol y Son, El Colonial, San Jose, Monte y Mar, Esquerra, Conspirators, La Botijo, El Dorado, Gourmet View, La Marinera, La Ceiba, El Galeón, Hotel La Ronda, Hotel Iberostar Trinidad, the nightclubs El Floridita, La Canchánchara and the Ayala Cave, where you will have the opportunity to have fun and enjoy the attractive nights of this great city.

The city of Trinidad is located in the central region of Cuba, specifically in the south of the Cuban province of Sancti Spíritus, and is the capital of the municipality of the same name. Known for its old colonial style and cobbled streets. The Plaza Mayor, neo-baroque style, is surrounded by large colonial buildings. The Romantic Museum is located in the restored Brunet Palace. In the Museum of Colonial Architecture you can see antiques from the time when sugar was produced in the town. The Church of the Holy Trinity is a cathedral of the s. XIX with vaulted ceiling and a carved altar.

Trinidad, also known as the City Museum of Cuba is one of the most beautiful colonial towns on the island, founded under the name of "Villa de la Santisima Trinidad". It is considered one of the most complete architectural complexes of the American continent. Trinidad combines characteristics of the XVIII and XIX centuries and the first years of the XX, and still preserves its cobbled streets, the staircases and the multi-colored facades of the buildings, each a museum in itself. The Valle de los Ingenios is an extensive triangular-shaped plain that covers about 250 square kilometers and includes in its interior the valleys of San Luis, Agabama-Méyer and Santa Rosa, as well as the southern coastal plain, delta of the Manatí River.

Tourism in the city, received a great boost after the declaration as World Heritage, in addition to traditional hotels are added others that combine luxury with colonial tradition.

The conservation and restoration work undertaken by specialists in this area of ​​south-central Cuba, and the love that its inhabitants profess to their city, made it one of the best-preserved colonial cities not only of Cuba, but also of America, and register on the List of World Heritage of Humanity by Unesco.


  • Towels and sheets
  • Soap and Toilet Paper
  • Air Conditioner
  • Wardrove
  • Hair dryer
  • Pets at Home
  • Locks in bedrooms


  • Family
  • Groups

Zones Availables

  • Private Room
  • Parking Space


  • 5 Private


  • 5 Matrimonial
  • 5 Personal

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