Matanzas - Nature

Saturn Cave Carretera Aeropuerto. Matanzas, Cuba

A beautiful cave with an underground spring that has created a natural pool reaching a depth of 22 meters and accessible to snorkelers. Its waters are extraordinarily transparent with abundant secondary formations stalactites and stalagmites of curious shape. During you dive here you can discover fish and blind shrimp among other species. There is also a bar, relaxation areas and toilets.

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Yumurí Valley Matanzas

Located in the outskirts of the city of Matanzas, The Yumurí valley offers one of the most spellbinding views in Cuba. The best perspective of the Valley can be seen from the viewpoint at the Bacunayagua Bridge from where the splendor of the valley can be fully appreciated. There are ecotourism trails in the valley.

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Canimar River and Natural Park Matanzas

Canimar River is a Natural Park and a river, one of the deepest in Cuba, where you can sail and enjoy the exuberant vegetation and the rich fauna of the cliffs around it. The park invites visitors to enjoy its peaceful natural beauty with horse or boat rides or fishing and snorkeling excursions. The river flows into the bay of Matanzas next to the Morrillo Castle, built in 1720.

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Bellamar Caves Finca Alcancia, Matanzas

The Caves of Bellamar, the oldest active turistic attraction in Cuba, is one of the most beautiful of any on the island, not in vain, became a strong attraction for tourists just a while after they were discovered. The crystallization of a coraloidea, as abundant as portentous, sparkles in places the same as diamond, splitting the light into thousands and thousands of beams. Stalagmites and the pavement is uneven. At some points in this gallery are three pieces of wall and ceiling with naked crystallization. At intervals through the wall you can find henequen leaves. Drops of water falling on the clay give rise to a coarse crystallization it is a yellowish surface, crystal and opaque on the bottom. The roof of this vault is of coarse limestone, there is no evidence of releases and calms the mind and heart, gives new breath to continue his exploration. The low ceiling with has large areas of crystallization coraloidea and big beautiful flakes that look like porcelain.

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