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The Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski La Habana has been described as the urban centre of gravity that pulls together Old Havana. Located on a block unto itself, the Gran Hotel Manzana connects the four main streets of Neptuno, San Rafael, Zulueta and Montserrate and facing the mouth of Obispo. The building proves to be the gateway to the touristic and commercial heart of the city. The Gran Hotel Kempinski looks straight out onto the infamous cocktail bar and Hemingway hangout, the Floridita whilst being flanked by the beautiful art deco Bacardi building and the Museo de Bellas Artes. The construction of the Manzana de Gómez (this is the original name of the building) was started in 1890 and taken over by its namesake Andres Gómez Mena in 1894. The building named The Apple of Gómez, has since become the Apple of Havana’s eye.

Finally completed in 1910 Manzana de Gómez initially consisted of one solitary floor, stretching the length of the square. By 1918 the building had expanded to its current capacity, occupying a further four floors. The Manzana de Gómez was initially established as Cuba’s first indoor shopping centre, or ‘mall’. Forming part of the pre- Revolutionary tourist experience of Cuba, US visitors centred many trips around the shopping experience of the Manzana de Gómez, the splendour of which could have been compared to the Galerie la Fayette in Paris. Unfortunately the many passing turbulent years took their toll upon the facade and interior of the building. Post- Revolution the building maintained its commercial uses whilst also accommodating many government offices. The deterioration of the building resulted in the closing of the space and eventual total refurbishment led by the luxury Swiss hotel group Kempinski.

Kempinski La Habana’s planned opening was set for 2016, however the progress has been slightly delayed and opening has been now confirmed for late spiring 2017. The Kempinski group whilst maintaining the essence, rustic beauty and original detail of the building, are bringing the world class structure up to luxury hotel standards. Kempinski have been working in tandem with Gaviota S.A. and the country state-operated Habagüanex in this three year old restoration project. Once completed the Hotel will consist of 246 elegantly decorated rooms, all with internet service, two high class restaurants, a luxurious pool and terrace overlooking the spectacular Havana skyline, a fully equipped gym and 5 star amenities providing clients with the utmost comfort.

Calle Trocadero No. 162 e/ Industria y Consulado, La Habana

José Lezama Lima House Museum

The José Lezama Lima House Museum is located in the former house of the Cuban writer José Lezama Lima, in Centro Habana. The museum exhibits several objects belonging to the writer, placed in the same way Lezama had them. The visit to this museum is compulsory for those who wish to get into Cuban literature. In this place were written worldwide known novels, like Paradiso and Oppiano Licario.

Paseo del Prado No.458, La Habana

Gran Teatro de La Habana

The Gran Teatro de La Habana Alicia Alonso (Great Theatre of Havana Alicia Alonso) is one of the architectural jewelry of Havana. It has an incredible neo-baroque façade with the signature of the Belgian architect Paul Belau. Located in a building known as the Galician Centre of Havana, it was inaugurated in 1915 and at the beginnings it was named Tacón Theatre. Not only in its façade there are evidences of its exquisiteness, but also its indoors halls show the luxury and elegance of the time. Its stages have shown the better artistic representations of all times, with outstanding personalities during its history (Sara Bernhardth, Enrico Caruso, Alicia Alonso) The theatre has been home to the Cuban National Ballet and, the main stage of the International Ballet Festival of Havana. Its facilities include theatres, a concert hall, conference rooms, and a video screening room, as well as an art gallery, a choral centre, and several rehearsal halls for danzarias groups and dance companies.

Carretera de La Cabana, Habana del Este

San Carlos de La Cabaña Fortress

The vast Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabaña, known as ‘La Cabaña’, running beside the harbor, was constructed after the English capture of Havana in 1763. The largest of the military structures built by Spain in the Americas, this fortress was completed in 1774 and its presence formed an effective complete deterrent against the country's enemies. The polygon, occupying an area of around 10 hectares, consists of bastions, ravelins, moats, covered walkways, barracks, squares and stores.  It is impressively well preserved, and the gardens and ramparts are romantically lit in the evening. This fortress hosts the spectacular nightly ceremony of El Cañonazo de las Nueve (cannon fire at 9), the firing of a cannon that marked the closing of the city gates, one of Havana's longest-held and most attractive traditions.

Refugio No. 1 e/ Zulueta y Monserrate, Habana

Museum of the Revolution

Situated in the former Presidential Palace (1920-1960), the Museum of the Revolution is a colorful building of a large dome and a mixture of styles. A detailed panorama of the struggle undertaken by the Cuban people in order to obtain its freedom is available in its 38 rooms. Its outdoor areas feature the Granma Memorial, where visitors can see, protected by an enormous glass case, the boat on which Fidel Castro and more than eighty combatants returned to Cuba from exile in Mexico to recommence the fight for the country's independence.

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