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About  Hostal la Rusa

The motel is located in a privileged location in front of the coast line of Baracoa Town. A historic place because in its facilities lived the famous “Rusa de Baracoa”.

Rooms: 12 Standard

Restaurants bars: 1 Restaurant (specialized in seafood) and 1 Snack-Bar.

Carretera a Santa Rosa, Mabujabo, Baracoa

Duaba Farm

An ideal place in the countryside to experience nature, the rural lifestyle and the fascinating world of cocoa, an opportunity to learn in depth about Baracoa's deeply rooted cocoa. A tour takes you past mango and coconut trees as well as coffee and cocoa crops. There are educational trails where the plants of cocoa are displayed and the entire traditional growing, harvesting and processing methods used by local farmers are shown. You'll also visit a typical bohío, or peasant's hut, where staff members actually live. A rustic restaurant serves typical dishes from the Baracoan cuisine and chocolate based preparations. 

Calle Calixto García, Baracoa

Castillo de Seboruco

This fortress, which now houses the Hotel El Castillo, dominates a hill overlooking Baracoa. It is a former castle looking out over red-tiled roofs, the town’s expansive, oyster-shaped bay and the landmark mountain called El Yunque (The Anvil), named for its singular shape. Although construction on it started in 1739, the fort wasn't finished until nearly 200 years later. Even if you don't stay here, stop by for the views of El Yunque and the city.

Municipio de Maisí. Guantánamo

Punta de Maisí

The place is characterized by a lighthouse, known as La Concha, which dates from 1861 and from where, going up to its 144 steps, you can admire some impressive views. Its construction was authorized by the Queen of Spain and  began the construction of the lighthouse at Punta de Maisi in 1857, under the leadership of the Commander Engineer, Don Mariano Moreno. In the area you can enjoy the magnificent Maisí Terraces. Of the 24 emerged ones, some reach the height of 460 meters above the sea level; while in the underground levels can reach a depth of 180 meters. On cloudless days you will have the chance of sighting Haiti, located 70 kilometer far from Punta de Maisí Top. You can also relax in the best white sand beach that you will find below the lighthouse.


Main Square

In the Main Square is a bust of Hatuey, the brave Indian leader who resisted early conquistadores until he was caught by the Spanish and burned at the stake. There’s also a very lively Casa de la Trova here. It is worth wandering along the Malecón, the seaside avenue, from the snug Fuerte Matachín (an early 19th-century fort that has a small but informative municipal museum inside) to the Hotel La Rusa, which is named after a legendary Russian émigrée who over the years hosted celebrities such as Che Guevara and Errol Flynn.

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