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Atop a hill bordering the Canímar River, navigable for various kilometers, you find this ideal hotel where you can enjoy complete holidays surrounded by a reassuring, tranquil, natural environment.

Its proximity to the city of Matanzas allows the visitor to tour its historical and cultural sites, marvel at its architecture, enjoy its bay and stroll along its crowded streets. Tourists can visit Varadero and enjoy the most famous Cuban beach. Another interesting spot is the Cueva de Bellamar (Bellamar Cave).

The excellent Tropicana Varadero Cabaret will make your evening a delight featuring a great show and top quality gastronomical services.

158 air-conditioned rooms with private bath, radio and satellite TV. Facilities: restaurant buffet, cafeteria, bar, grill bar, night club, swimming pool, game room, massage, mail service, shop, central security box, currency exchange, meeting room and parking.

Hotel Islazul Canimao is a budget hotel and it has not been renovated since it has been built, however the perfect location and the Cuban staff friendliness make it up for the structure. 

Calle 272, cruza el río Yumurí, Matanzas

Concordia Bridge

This once-elegant, arched bridge over the Yumurí Estuary used to set a Parisian, Seine-like scene. Built in 1878, with two imposing carved columns at each end, it connected the barrio of Versalles, named for resident wealthy French coffee planters, and the city. Although it's currently in sad shape, it's still one of the most striking pieces of Matanzas architecture. The Cuban government used to give replicas of the columns as official gifts to visiting dignitaries

Plaza de la Vigía, Matanzas

Sauto Theater

Founded on April 6, 1863, it is one of the most renowned cultural institutions of Latin America. On the Plaza de la Vigia, the massive, white Teatro Sauto is one of Cuba's finest and best-preserved neoclassical structures. Nationally and internationally renowned figures have performed in the ballets, operas, musical comedies, concerts, variety shows and plays that have been presented on its stage. This magnificent building has excellent acoustics and was declared a National Monument.

Cárdenas, Matanzas

Cárdenas City

The oldest statue in the western hemisphere dedicated to Admiral Christopher Columbus was erected in 1862 in a park in the old City of Cárdenas. Famous about its name "La Ciudad del Cangrejos" (city of the crabs). It’s also known as the Flag city due to the Cuban national flag was hoisted for the first time, atop the building of the La Dominica Hotel. Narrow streets full of horse-drawn carriages, and not anymore what it was used to be in the earlier years.


Yumurí Valley

Located in the outskirts of the city of Matanzas, The Yumurí valley offers one of the most spellbinding views in Cuba. The best perspective of the Valley can be seen from the viewpoint at the Bacunayagua Bridge from where the splendor of the valley can be fully appreciated. There are ecotourism trails in the valley.

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